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Northtown’s rolling terrain, spanning 116 hectares, is envisioned to be comprehensively planned residential community that provides a vibrant and safe environment for a balanced life.

Northtown’s buildings are to feature designs and materials that highlight sustainability. The use of locally sourced materials will be encouraged to reduce carbon emissions during transport and construction. A considerable percentage of the property will also be maintained as a rich forest reserve to give shelter to indigenous fauna, making Northpoint living a truly harmonious experience.

At the helm of master-planning Northtown is world-renowned architectural firm Palafox Associates, who has done the master-planning of over 14 billion square meters of land area and the architecture of the 8 million square meters of building floor area in 37 countries. Northtown carries the distinctive general concepts of Palafox upholds: Unique, Memorable, and Identifiable.



  • Northtown is a sustainable residential development in the highlands of Buhangin, Davao City. The community aims to integrate places for living, working, playing and learning, thus, offering a well-balanced lifestyle in a suburban setting.
  • The Northtown residential community will be done in three phases where cluster neighborhoods will be developed to address varying lifestyles of the community. The amenities of the neighborhood are strategically located in the different phases making them “walkable and bikeable” from the homes. Parks, playgrounds, playing courts are well within a five-to-ten-minute stroll, thus, promoting a healthy and green lifestyle.


The Northtown Main Clubhouse and Recreation Center will be situated on a sprawling 2.5-hectare area and will offer a multitude of opportunities for you and your family to relax, play and bond.



It features several recreational amenities conveniently located throughout the property to encourage walking and biking while engaging with nature.

At the core of the property is a grand clubhouse complex. Aptly named Northtown Resort, it is the first clubhouse complex in Davao to be situated on a sprawling 2.5-hectare area and will be the largest of its kind. The Northtown resort will offer a multitude of opportunities for you and your family to relax , play and bond.

Manila-based hospitality design specialist MANA Architecture + Interior Design has conceptualized the clubhouse complex with wellness in mind. Designed to nourish the senses, each feature of the clubhouse complex is distinct, but together creates a harmonious recreational community that radiates a sense of lifestyle that is unique in Davao.



•Lot sizes that available : 150sqm (Php 15,416)

What is the Architectural theme for Northtown?

•Tropical Contemporary architecture would well fit the project as this architecture responds to the tropical climate and integrates sustainable design principles.

What are the village dues & Fees for Northtown?
•Membership fee of P1,000/lot. All Northtown lotowners are mandatory members of the Northtown Homeowners Association.
•Initial assessment fee of P4.00/sqm/month.

When can we start our homebuilding?
•Homebuilding is allowed upon 100% completion of the subdivision and full payment of the lot.

What are the other restrictions for homebuilding?
•All buildings are limited to a maximum height of nine (9.0) meters measured from any point of the roof to the original grade line directly below it.
•In order to preserve certain sites of scenic and environmental value and interest; as well as to ensure the preservation of the Northtown development concepts and philosophy, the Developer shall specify special restrictions on the development of certain blocks and/or lots upon finalization of grading.

Is there a Dry Detention Pond in Northtown?
•2 hectares of the development is set aside for a selectively landscaped dry detention pond area. This serves as a temporary catch basin for stormwater runoff when necessary. It will gradually release water to local drainage outlets or stream systems. It remains empty between runoff events. This drainage control system will help the City manage the local drainage systems in the downstream areas.

•Water supply in Buhangin and Cabantian is served by Davao City Water District while the electricity is provided by Davao Light & Power Company.
•Telecommunication in the area is accessible through all major mobile phone networks. Lot owners may also apply directly with phone companies for a wireless landline (e.g. PLDT, Bayantel Span
•18 – m ROW Main Spine Road
•12 – m ROW Secondary Road
•10 – m ROW Tertiary Road
•2-hectare Dry Detention Pond
•Underground Drainage System
•Sewage Treatment Facilities
•Perimeter Fence
•Street lighting
•Provision for 24-hour Village Security

UPDATED MAP October 2014