Davao, Life is Here

Located in the southeastern area of Mindanao, Davao city is the main trade, commerce and industry hub in the area. The city is famous as the Durian capital of the country and the home of Mt. Apo, the highest mountain in the Philippines. It is geographically surrounded by picturesque landscapes where fruit plantations, orchid farms and virgin forests filled with wildlife thrive. This makes the city the perfect destination for tourists, expats and migrate settlers as they live along side numerous ethnic tribes. The influx of foreign migrants and expatriates have prompted Japan, Palau, Malaysia, Indonesia and United States to set up consular offices in the city.

Like most cities in the country, Christians predominate the city as evidenced by the number of Christian churches and chapels alongside mosques and other places of worship. Fiestas, a Spanish tradition of celebration for their patron saints is also present in the city. Activities during the festivals vary from songs and dance numbers to parades and street processions of their patron saints. The most popular of these is the Kadayawan festival, the annual festival of the city that also recognizes the various ethnic tribes in southeastern Mindanao.

Through the years, the city has made itself an ideal area for tourism and investment. The city has been adjudge to have the best potable water in the world. Experts examined the cleanliness, mineral content and safety of the water. Tests have proven that there is no need to boil and distill the water.

It also has a strong and dynamic government making it a model to the other cities in the world. Its strong political will and implementation of policies led the city to pioneer innovations in local governance. Currently, the Davao city has the lowest crime rate in the country with only 0.8 per 10,000 population a month. It is home to the best police office in the world. The peace and order council of the city has been placed in the Philippine Hall of Fame for its consistency of being the best performing government unit in the country.

At the center of a growing number of major establishments investing in the city are fruit plantations. It has become the source of premier quality fruits such as: Bananas, Durian, Mangoes and Mangosteen that are often exported overseas. Due to the increase in demand for chocolate, many Cacao plantations have began exporting their cacao to the international market gaining attention from many chocolatiers worldwide.